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Are you Creating A Money-Making Real Estate Investment?

Investment in real estate is very exciting. When one invest with wisdom, the reward in real estate is tremendous. However, many jumped into real estate investment thinking that it is a piece of cake, only to find out later that they¡¯ve made a big mistake at a huge cost. Here are some myths to debunk on creating a money-making real estate investment:

1.                  Just Buy Any Cheap Property and Make Money.

If that is the case in making big money in real estate investment, I believe many people will be stuck in the real estate rut losing money. Investing in real estate takes proper planning. It is not just about buying a cheap property. An experienced investor will know that forming a proper plan or strategy before buying any properties is the right way to invest in real estate. Novice investors learn it the hard way when they bought cheap properties, and then find it hard to fit that into their plan. Investors should first concentrate on the numbers and try to make offers on multiple properties to ensure good properties that can match their investment model.  

2.                   It is Easy Making Fast $$$ in Real Estate 

This is a major myth that many novice investors got tricked into thinking when they happily make their first investment in real estate. Real estate investment is not a get-rich-quick investment scheme. It takes education, sound research and careful planning to ensure long term profit turnover.

3.                  I Can Do it by myself

Real estate investment cannot be a one-man-show. To become a successful money-making real estate investor, one needs to build a team of professionals who will assist the investor in his deals. Real estate investment can be a full time job, if managed alone, it¡¯ll be hard work and takes even a longer period for your investment portfolio to grow. To ensure a smooth steady pace in your property management and growth profit, your real estate team ideally should include a real estate agent, an appraiser, a home inspector, a closing attorney and a lender.

4.         Making Excess Payment.

This is another reason that investors in real estate goof up in their investment. They pay too much for the properties they buy. When investors do this, they lock up all their funds in one place. If the invested property deal is erred, that will leave you with no movable funds to extend into other investments.

5.         Leaving Out the Groundwork.

Not doing your homework can be a costly mistake if you are a real estate investor. Every field of business needs sufficient amount of homework to be done, and real estate investment is no exception. Learn the fundamentals and then venture into property investment with the confidence that you¡¯ll make no mistakes.

6.         Throwing Caution to the Wind.

Investors have to exercise a certain degree of caution and take earnest efforts while making a deal. New investors often fail in this regard and sign a deal without doing adequate research on the property. We want to take a little bit of risk when making an investment, but not to the extent where it¡¯ll cost you to lose money.

7.         Miscalculating Money Flow.

When your strategy is to buy, hold and rent out properties, you need to ensure that there is sufficient cash flow for property maintenance. An option to help you in this matter is hiring property managers, which can be expensive. Property owners have to incur other expenses such as mortgage, taxes, insurance, advertising costs etc. You have to allocate your budgets to cover all these expenses, or end up having your assets turn into liabilities.

8.         Lowering the Transaction Volume.

A lower volume of deals or transactions help increase the profits by reducing the impacts of marginal deals. It is a method of caution as you have better control of your funds.

9.         Getting Trapped in Your Own Deal.

Get wise by increasing the number of options at hand for the property you buy. This helps you to be prepared for fluctuations in the real estate market. Plans to rent out the properties could go awry when the rental market slumps. Have alternative plans so that it will help you cut down losses and tackle unexpected situations.

10.       Making Incorrect Estimation.

People who plan to rehab their house need to check if they will still reap the benefits at double the time that they estimated for the process. This ensures that you do not miscalculate and lose money on the deal while you give a makeover for your property. 

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