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Day 7: Top 5 Mistakes of Beginning Commercial Real Estate Investors (Part II)

4. Over-leverage

Borrowing too much money in this business is fatal. Highly leveraged deals do happen, but unless it's backed up by a solid plan with sufficient capital, it can be disastrous.

Using 100% financing for entry level deals is like believing gravity doesn't exist as you jump off a building. You can argue all you want, but you're going to hit the ground the only question is
how hard.

The proper use of leverage is a function of deal structure and investment strategy. Every investment property should be evaluated in light of the break-even ratio.

The break-even ratio is equal to the Operating Expenses plus the Debt Service, divided by the Gross Potential Income. [(OpEx + DS)/GPI = BE]. When break-even exceeds 80%, the structure depends on perfection, and that's dangerous territory.

5. Failure to have multiple exit strategies

An investment plan incorporates all of the due diligence findings and outlines all the possible outcomes of the investment, best case to worst case.

Ask yourself why you think you can do a better job running this property than the seller did. If you can't answer that with specifics, you won't do better, and probably not as well.

Your plan should answer the questions of how the property will be managed; what improvements are needed and their cost; how much money might be made (or lost); how long it will take; how to get out if things go wrong; and how to access the profits when it goes right.

The answers will reveal a realistic plan to maximize value in the shortest possible time with the least possible downside. I rarely have less than three exit strategies, and usually a half dozen or
more. I've learned that if I don't have a plan to get my money out of a deal, I will soon be out of money.

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